AFL And its Rules for Becoming A Champion in Betting

AFL games are offering the latest and the most significant advancements in sports betting to give their fans the ultimate experience of money-making opportunities. Mostly available on an online platform, it allows players to get immersed in the action with its high technical nature. Irrespective of its concept, the AFL boasts of hundreds of betting markets that enable expert betters to utilize their know-how and make some money. Let’s get to know the idea and every aspect of betting to get equipped to bet like a champion for AFL.

Betting on AFL

Betting on AFL is done before the game starts, and your bets are locked until the next game. Blue Bet Australia makes a much better experience for bettors by allowing players to make additional wagers during the game. Sometimes these wagers are offered between breaks where you can try to bet on different things at any point during the game. The frequency at which the bets change depends on the technical aspects and the quality of the bettor.

Rules of AFL Betting

  • Aussie Rules betting attracts the popular form of betting, which is line betting, also referred to as handicap betting.
  • The punter can make a start with a point or concede a start to the opponent.
  • The game lets punters invest in each of the four quarters and make the most of their bets.
  • Place bets on individual players who you expect to score the most goals or will retain possession the most.
  • Place bets “live” during the game with the odds changing with every goal kicked
  • AFL competition is held among 18 teams, and each Aussie rule team has 18 players who cover several key positions.
  • Only bet on best sites available online that provide several options for bettors.
  • Start with a pre-game bet as a starting point to get in on the action of this game.
  • When you are making multiple bets in real-time, track the changes and the money you have invested in them.

Types of the system to bet on Aussie Rules 

  • Over and under game points

Decide on points total within a game and guess the full-time score, predicting if it will be under or over a particular target.  

  • Spread Betting

Place bets on ‘line’ betting where favourites are gauged as ‘minus,’ and travellers or outsiders are ‘plus.’

  • Pick the winning margin

In this bet type, place different winning margins numbers, you will win if the score falls in that particular margin bracket, with varying odds. You even have an option to draw in this type of Bet.

  • Bet on the first scorer

Betting on who will score the primary goal for a game is quite tough, but this is one popular way to bet on a match.

  • Bet on money lines

During the first half of the match, you can bet on the score at half the time, and this can be done again in the second quarter or each quarter.

  • Pick the highest scorer

You get some options to choose the highest scorer of the quarter or the total score of both sides in the selected quarter.

Becoming a Pro in Betting

To become a professional bettor, you may need to learn the basics of the game and try to place small bets to get a clear understanding of how it works. Gradually you need to expand your knowledge and experience with the help of various learning sites or professional and experienced bettors.

  1. Perform Intensive Self Analysis

Use analytical skills to select bets and find your edge in the way you bet. Know when to back the favourites in a game and accumulate several small wins. Discover trends in the match and concentrate on odds that will affect the outcome. Always focus on refining your betting strategy.

  1. Reign in Your Emotions

Don’t place hasty bets with overconfidence, or your intentional emotional responses are bound to affect results negatively. Channel your feelings positively and eliminate bias from your process.

  1. Manage Your Money like A Banker

Apply a sound plan to your betting strategy and treat the amount you are betting as an investment. Then you will be able to make a profit from your betting and become a professional bettor.