3 Tricks to Win Your Fantasy Sports League With Apps

You would be hard-pressed to find something with higher stakes than a fantasy football league. The winner often walks away with 100s of dollars, and the loser well they usually have to walk down Main street in a dress or some other creative outfit designed by their so-called “friends.” So, if you are tired of always losing, or want to finally dethrone your fantasy league Champion, you need to up your fantasy sports game. Apps are a great way to get that competitive edge, so keep reading below for three tips to the fantasy sports apps that work best for you. 

Keep it Simple

If you are starting to step into the black hole that is fantasy sports, don’t dive in the deep end without learning to swim first. Veteran fantasy sports players have rituals, techniques, and statistics trackers that have developed throughout many years. When a veteran fantasy sports player talks about his fantasy team, it will probably sound like he or she is speaking a foreign language. So, when you are just starting, stick to the basics to keep from getting overwhelmed. Look for apps that feed you real-time fantasy sports news. The best news apps will offer barebones of recommended players to start and a brief description of why along with their predicted points spread. By reading the recommendations, you can begin to get an idea of what to look for when constructing your fantasy sports lineup for the week.

Try Different Sports

There are fantasy sports leagues for just about every imaginable sport from American Football to cricket; if there are fans, there is probably a fantasy league competition. If you are trying to follow a new sport more closely, then joining a fantasy league is a great way to start understanding the game. So, whether you are trying to expand your fantasy sports empire or want to have some fun in the offseason, look for apps that focus on your particular sports. Apps like ESPN will offer a decent overview of all sorts of different games, but finding an app that gives you daily fantasy sports updates specifically for your sport will give you a tremendous leg up on your competition.

Best Fantasy Sports Apps

While trying to find some examples of useful fantasy sports apps, I came across this comprehensive list of apps. This list of apps is the perfect place to start your search for your new favorite fantasy sports app.

Save Money with Free Apps

If this is your first season playing fantasy sports, I hate to break it to you, but you probably will not be getting that $10 buy-in back anytime soon. So, there is no reason to lose even more money this fantasy season. To save a bit of cash, look for free fantasy apps. Most of the time, Fantasy leagues are so popular that there are hundreds of different apps out there designed to help their player win, so you can usually avoid dropping any money on expensive expert fantasy apps. If you are ok with putting up with a few annoying ads, then, with a little effort, you can probably find a top-notch fantasy app for free.


Now that you have these three tips, you are probably itching to get out there and start your search for the fantasy apps that are going to give your team a leg up it needs to bring home the championship. Just remember to spend a little bit of time searching, and you’ll have your new favorite app in no time.