Blue Jays: In Shape Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Ready For Spring Training It Appears

My biggest concern with the biggest player up in the Great White North is Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s conditioning not only in 2020, but moving forward with the rest of his career.

Entering the off-season following his 2019 rookie campaign, the Blue Jays wanted to see Guerrero Jr. get in better shape. Now we are almost at pitchers and catchers reporting for Spring Training, and Guerrero Jr. has done his part. At least, if a recent photo is any indicator.

Now, Guerrero Jr. is still a big kid; and he is always going to be. In fact, I had a scout type tell me that he’s similar to that of Miguel Sano in terms of ‘bad body’. So he’s got his work cut out for him in shaking that label in 2020 and beyond.

Still, Guerrero Jr. is never going to be a slender guy. Truly, his legacy will be defined if he can put up offensive numbers that go along with the big body. Then, no one cares if you have a few extra pounds. In fact there are cases in the past where it was welcomed and a guy was adored more for being larger.

Guerrero Jr. is going to be an interesting watch in 2020, there are a lot of eyes on him with high expectations. Without question, we will be writing a lot about this youngster as time goes on. Hopefully for the sake of my fantasy baseball team, he puts up some numbers. Then the weight will never be a topic of conversation.