Your Saturday Baseball Post

It won’t be long folks. In fact, we have almost made it. While more major drama goes down over the Mookie Betts trade that wasn’t completed all week, it should be resolved in some manner soon.

And it’s Saturday, and we are just 46 days from MLB Opening Day. Then, all the games will count. And we will have games to react to every day. Of course on Saturday, we will always pay homage to the greatest sport on earth and the best day of the week. Even if Rob Manfred is commissioner and teams are cheating left and right and doing shady things on trades.

It’s still our beautiful game.

This week’s classic song – which isn’t actually really rock but just real music – is Doby Gray. One of my top five all-time.

So go and enjoy your Saturday, whatever it is you’re doing to pass the time. Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers.