Minnesota Twins Sign Josh Donaldson To 4-Year Contract

The Minnesota Twins smell blood in the water in the American League central, and they’re going for it.

On Tuesday night, they signed free agent Josh Donaldson to a four-year contract. Donaldson was thought to be pursued by some bigger market teams like the Nationals and Phillies, but the Twins hauled in their marquee signing of the off-season. And they could be a team that hits a lot of home runs in 2020.


Without chuckling, don’t forget about Byron Buxton; who could hit 15 to 20 pretty easily. The Twins also added Rich Hill recently, so they have a likable little squad in my eyes.

With the Red Sox and Astros kind of looking on the outs, the AL Central is wide open; but the Twins found a reason to go for it. This could be a very, very good team this upcoming season.