MLB Opening Day 2020 Slate Looks Awesome

I’ve been so busy this winter that I haven’t even had the chance to comb over the already released MLB 2020 Opening Day schedule. It’s a shame, because for the first Opening Day of the decade; MLB has rolled out the red carpet.

Last season the slate was poorly done. First off, a few games happened at 1:00. Then all of the action went off at 4:00, leaving one game for 7:15 and that was it. There was no late game.

This year, baseball will open the season on a Thursday, March 26th. Of course this is an excuse to start the weekend early, and then there are three more days of baseball.

Also, they have done a better job of spreading out the games to keep us busy from early afternoon until the wee hours. Let’s take a look.

The 1:oo PM ET Slate

Nationals at Mets – 1:00

Tigers at Indians – 1:00

Additionally, the Cubs face the Brewers at Miller Park at 2:00.

Two of these games I’ll have on, including the exciting Metropolitans. God willing, there’s no snow and cancellations. Or I will just be watching Yelich and the Brew Crew. The Yankees also visit Camden Yards at 3:05.

The 4:00 PM ET Slate

This is where it gets good.

The Boston Red Sox face off with the Toronto Blue Jays at 3:37 ET in the land of celsius north of the border. While I will need a second option to view the Dodgers at 4:05 at beautiful Dodger Stadium in LA when they host the Giants, I’ll take it. This is probably the best part of the day other then needing to hide from my family.

Once again, the heavy part of this slate happens during this hour, with two games remaining for the later on.

The 7:00 PM ET Slate

Here we go, Mike Trout in primetime. Baseball huddled together in a conference room and said ‘let’s finally get the best player in the sport all alone and to the public when everyone will see him’. Baseball will turn Trout loose when the Angels travel to Houston to face the Astros who will be playing their first game post-sanctions from the sign-stealing stuff. The game is all by itself, so you can enjoy it for your viewing pleasure.

The 10:00 PM ET Slate

Finally, there’s a late game for certain to end the day. The Atlanta Braves and baseball’s second Mega-watt superstar Ronald Acuña Jr. travel to Arizona to face the Diamondbacks and presumably Madison Bumgarner.

Again, baseball made the decision to put it’s second biggest star and one of the premiere teams in all of baseball in the Braves in front of a national audience. Finally, we will have the ability to watch a late game on Opening Day all by it’s lonesome.

The Rivalry Factor

Look at the match-ups that baseball selected to go off on Opening Day. Indeed, they took the best rivalry that each team had within their power and squared them off. Of course there’s one or two games where no budding rivalry exists, but for the most part baseball tried to start things off on a strong suit by pitting a team against a foe that has meaning.

Baseball finally got something completely right, it appears. And I can’t wait for March 26th. Soon it will be at the two-month mark.