Byron Buxton Still May Have a Future That Is Bright

It’s honestly crazy that I would make my first 2020 post – my first post of the decade – a post about one of the biggest teases there ever was in the game of baseball. However after my first full decade in the books as a blog, here we are.

Recently, Buxton joined MLB Network to talk about 2020.

Now, they’re asking Buxton about his production over 162 games. Of course that’s silly, because Buxton will never have that type of durability. Still just 26 years old, Buxton *could* have a decade of decent baseball left in him.

Steamer seems to think if he plays 130 to 140 games in 2020, he will have a 20-20 season. I agree with that and as always, it’s a little bit light.

Buxton is a guy I still can’t wait to watch because if he can remain upright and in one piece; he’s going to have a big time year. He will be an All-Star, his play will garner him Most Valuable Player votes, and the Twins can win their division. There’s fewer guys I like seeing light up the stat sheet more than Buxton.

Only an elite talent would keep me hanging on after all these years. He needs to have one of those years that has him seeking a new contract that gives him the prime of his career in Minnesota. Finally in 2020, I think he will do it. He’s going to be a guy I still write about quite a bit as we open a new decade at Diamond Hoggers.