Blue Jays Introduce Hyun-Jin Ryu

Finally, the Toronto Blue Jays landed their guy. On Friday, they rolled him out and introduced him all fancy-like.

It’s great to see this. By all accounts, the Blue Jays were aggressive from the opening bell to land Ryu. In the end, they get a guy who should serve as their ace over the next two years, and ends up serviceable by the time they’re competitive. It’s nice to see the Jays trying to be competitive and giving their fans hope.

If one thing has been proven – when Toronto fields an interesting team – people turn out at the ballpark. With all the young talent Toronto is slowly assembling, it’s good for the sport. This is an organization that is trying to do things the right way, and they deserve the eyes that Ryu will attract from three countries.

While I ultimately don’t expect him to fare as well against the AL East and those foes as he did in the NL, he should provide some solid veteran presence that the Jays are lacking.

Finally, I would have loved to see them sign Edwin Encarnacion. Still, Toronto did all they could in free agency; and by giving Ryu that 4-year, $80 million dollar deal; they secured a staff ace that greatly improves them by a few wins for the upcoming season.