Jim Bowden on MLB Network Regarding Francisco Lindor & Gavin Lux Trade

Former big league general manager Jim Bowden always loves to talk trade scenarios on MLB Network Radio on Sirius XM. Therefore, he’s weighing in on the trade talks supposedly on-again, off-again between the Cleveland Indians and Los Angeles Dodgers.

Bowden says there is one major sticking point, if the Dodgers are going to land Lindor. And that player is Gavin Lux.

Here’s what he says in the sound byte above.

“No Lux, no Lindor. There’s a package to be made for Francisco Lindor if Gavin Lux is in it.”

While the Dodgers want Francisco Lindor, they control Lux for the next six years at minimum. Furthermore, there are reports on the matter that say the Dodgers believe Lux can be as good as Lindor someday.

Still, the Dodgers are trying to win right now. And the move to make is Lindor if the Dodgers want to get closer to guaranteeing a title. It’s obvious what Bowden is pointing out, the Dodgers aren’t going to be able to swing a deal for the All-Star shortstop unless Gavin Lux is sent over.