Blue Jays: Toronto Will Spend Big In Free Agency, Says GM Ross Atkins

The Toronto Blue Jays are going for it. According to general manager Ross Atkins, Toronto has as much as $100 million to spend this off-season, and they’re going to give it a go to make themselves relevant around the young core.

“We’re definitely more focused on pitching right now to just keep as much possible flexibility there just based on need,” he said. “But it doesn’t mean that our next acquisition after a Chase Anderson would be a pitcher. It may be a position player. We’ve been aggressive on position players too and trying to acquire them. We’ll remain there. It just depends on [how things are] lining up.”

Furthermore, Atkins says that the Blue Jays have had discussions with every free agent pitcher on the market. Already they have said they would like to acquire at least two. Take heed of the tweets from Shi Davidi.

Remember, Toronto has already added Chase Anderson via trade this off-season. While he’s not going to raise eyebrows, he’s the innings eater they were looking to get.

Which brings up the next point. Jon Heyman says that the Blue Jays are players in the Hyun-Jin Ryu sweepstakes.

This is crafty on the part of the Jays. Most teams are focused on tier-one aces like Stephen Strasburg or Gerrit Cole in advance of the Winter Meetings on Sunday. Which makes Ryu an excellent point of focus for Toronto.

It’s nice to see the Blue Jays wanting to be aggressive in free agency. Now that they have the money to spend, they just have to find the players willing to sign the contracts. It doesn’t sound by any means like they’re content being a doormat in 2020.