MLB Uniform News: Brewers, Padres Get New Uniforms

New threads are coming in Milwaukee and San Diego in 2020. For me, it’s hard to say which set I like better. But both the Milwaukee Brewers and the San Diego Padres are modifying their uniforms and it’s hard to say what set really represents the primary.

Here are a look at the new threads for each team:

Once an organization starts to tinker, they never really stop tinkering. There is never a brand created, and then they are liable to go changing it again within five or ten years. That’s what you don’t like about it.

Both of these teams are trying to get into the vein of tradition – but there is no tradition to build from the ground up with. Therefore, you’re constantly stuck in the same cycle of change. However, I do think these are cool sets for two teams that are constantly tinkering so much you lose track.