Blue Jays News: Skinny Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Is Losing Weight, Instagram Photo Proves

Obviously, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is taking his off-season conditioning seriously. For instance, take a look at this Instagram photo posted on Thursday.

Recently, Toronto Blue Jays’ president Mark Shapiro said the following:

Blue Jays CEO Mark Shapiro told Toronto’s 590 The Fan this morning that Vladimir Guerrero Jr. “couldn’t be pushing himself harder” in offseason workouts.

Now, a trimmer and slimmer Guerrero has emerged just a few weeks into the winter. Furthermore, I wish I could say the same; since the season ended I have probably gained the amount that Vladdy Jr. has lost.

While his rookie year scouting report displayed some positive traits, one of them was not conditioning. Still, Guerrero Jr. handled himself admirably enough during his first trip around the big leagues and displayed flashes of what will make him one of the best offensive forces in baseball one day.

Undeniably, if he gets into shape and puts on some muscle; he’s going to be able to be a decent third baseman for a little while which should increase his overall value as a player. Eventually, he will transition to first base and do some DH duties. Then, his value will come only from the bat.

For now – if he comes into camp in great shape and doesn’t let Thanksgiving and Christmas get the best of him – you’re likely going to see a guy who puts up some serious numbers as soon as 2020.

Finally, I think back to how predicted his first ten seasons. This is a guy I can’t wait to see more of next year and every season following. And I need to hit the Guerrero Jr. program and get back into my best shape before the 2020 season even though my playing days are behind me.