Big Time Baseball Podcast

I gave Jon Heyman and Josh Lewin’s ‘Big Time Baseball Podcast’ a listen. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised. Solid listen as the two review a variety of topics.

  • Washington Nationals talk
  • Bryce Harper and the fallout of leaving Washington
  • Where Anthony Rendon will end up
  • The Wildcard Game in the NL
  • Where Strasburg and Gerrit Cole end up (Washington/Anaheim are the guesses)

It’s a decent listen, and we are all about content. So let’s comb into some of it here.

First, Heyman and Lewin discuss what’s next for Anthony Rendon?

“From what I understand, the scouts in the room [for the Washington Nationals] and the people with the Nats felt they could absorb the loss of Harper. As great and as famous as he is, they have Soto, Robles and Eaton. They were set in the outfield. Losing Rendon will be difficult for them, and I think it could be one of those cases where he re-signs with his old team. We’ll see, every now and then that happens. It’s rare when they get to this stage they shop and go to the highest bidder. Texas I think is a good bet. There are five or six teams, Angels, Philadephia, and Atlanta among them; who need a third baseman.”

Next, Lewis asks Heyman if voters will remember Cody Bellinger in the Most Valuable Player Award race?

“I think Bellinger is going to win, the vote comes right after the season. There is no postseason that comes into account here. If you look at the WAR and you put in the defense and all-around play, Bellinger was fantastic. Now second half he tailed off a bit. Some might look at it like Yelich was the best offensive player. Rendon led the league in RBI’s and we saw that defense, to me it was almost a revelation. He really showed what a good defender he is. I think it will be Bellinger, Yelich will come in second and Rendon will probably come in third. It’s all close, they look at the WAR numbers a lot now and Bellinger was best there. I didn’t have a vote so I can freely say I think it’s Bellinger.”

Finally, are the Nationals ‘great’ or did they just get hot? Jon Heyman asks Mark Feinsand who is an MLB insider about this towards the end of the ‘cast. Feinsand loves the idea of the Wildcard spot more than ever with what the Nationals did.

Solid off-season listen in all on this.