Mariners: King Felix’s Final King’s Court

It’s hard to believe – but 15 seasons have come and gone for Felix Hernandez in Seattle – and he will start his 418th game for the Mariners on Thursday. In fact, he’s been throwing for the Mariners the entire life of this blog. Finally, Thursday’s game in Seattle will be the final time it seems with his contract up.

Fitting, it will come in Seattle; and the Mariners are going to send him out right.

When you take a look at his career stats, you realize that he’s been one of the best pitchers of his generation. For an organization like the Mariners who are playing out the string, all that matters is sentimental send-offs like this one while they wait for winter.

As for Felix, thanks for all the great memories in the post-Griffey and A-Rod eras. Other than Randy Johnson, he’s probably the best Mariners pitcher ever.