Collect: Four Confirmed New Baseball Figures for 2020

I’ve written on Imports Dragon Baseball Figures before. They’re one of my favorite things to collect aside from cards – check out their website here. It’s definitely one of my ‘nerd’ things I enjoy.

There are definitely four confirmed new figures coming. I have spoken with the brand manager and while I can’t reveal the names yet, they’re the four guys you would definitely want a figure of if you could pick any four. When they’re confirmed to the public, I’ll have a little more info on them and where they can be ordered.

Now, we just need Yordan Alvarez to keep doing his thing; things like this:

And we will likely get an Alvarez figure at some point in 2020 if he stays hot. Now that would be a good player to get a figure. Stay tuned for more on these potential names for 2020.