Collect: Big Day on eBay

I got a little busy on eBay today. I spent way too much money, and my September allowance for cards is now gone. First off, I bought a PSA 10 Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Topps Throwback Thursday #146. I am happy to get this card in a 10. Then as you’ll see below, I started buying raw cards of he and Pete Alonso and couldn’t stop.

Obviously, it’s the wrong time to be hopping on the Alonso train; with him going all MVP and record setting. I submitted one of his Topps Now cards to PSA for when he hit a home run in Los Angeles and I happened to be watching the game. Now I am upping the game a little bit. I plan to submit these two raw cards along with the American Pie Sluggers card.

I finished things off with this for $20. It’s called the 2019 Topps 582 Montgomery Club ‘Ringside Design’. This is a bad ass card and I should have considered just buying the whole set for a few dollars more. Stupid move on my part. Altogether, I am building a pretty solid collection of Guerrero Jr. rookies and despite missing the highest dollar ones available; I have a few pretty cool ones.

Over the weekend I bought a Mike Trout Living Set in a PSA 9. I want to add another Mike Trout or two with my next buy.