Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Keeps Rolling Along In Rookie Season

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Another night, another opposite field knock (he had two) for Vladdy Jr. as he continues to impress during his rookie season.

Recently, Fangraphs had a great read on Guerrero Jr.’s rookie season. Instead of describing it as ‘up and down’, they said it accurately by saying it’s been ‘down and up’.

Furthermore, this quote is from one of his hitting coach Guillermo Martinez who has kept keen eye on his development.

“Last year,” said Martínez, “there were some things that he did his way because he was able to be successful while doing it his way. There’d be times when he’d come to the park and not take batting practice and go four-for-four with two home runs. And as soon as he got to the big leagues, I think he learned that talent can only get you so far. Not just the physical preparation but the mental preparation, watching video to see the pitchers and what they’re trying to do to him, and learning all that goes into the game at this level.”

And this quote from Martinez was also very telling.

“It’s not that he wasn’t working hard,” says Martínez, “because he’s always worked hard. Now he’s working smart. He’s working very smart. Depending on the scouting report, he’ll adjust what he’s doing that day. I think when he was hitting .250, he wasn’t happy. To him, he was struggling. And I had to tell him, like, man, you’re 20 years old and you’re struggling by hitting .250 in the big leagues — I couldn’t do that right now! I was just trying to remind him who he is, what kind of player he is. The mind is powerful. You think about it and think about it, and soon you start to believe it. I think the Detroit series was when he really started to come around.”

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has a month remaining to continue to bloom alongside Bo Bichette, Cavan Biggio and the other young bucks up in Toronto. Make sure that you check out online-casinos and betting sites payment methods also in between clicking around in this post.

Toronto gets a test with Yordan Alvarez and the unstoppable Astros this weekend in Toronto. That’s must-see television if you’re a baseball fan.