Collect: 1983 Darryl Strawberry Topps Traded Rookie PSA 8 🍓

I picked up an awesome slab yesterday on eBay for under $30. My first favorite player – Darryl Strawberry – and this was just a card I couldn’t pass up.

I have long chased after his Donruss rookie but have lost out. Now, I finally own his rookie card. While I had to settle for it in a PSA 8, I’m fine with that. My collection is really just about guys that I like, and it’s never going to be a rich man’s collection. But someday when I pull this bad boy out and show it to my son, I’ll say this is the first player I was all-in on.

That’s what collecting is all about. Taking you back to the nostalgia of your boyhood before things got so complicated, right?