Cable 101: Why is Cable Protection so important and How to Do It

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The evolution of technology which is widely apparent has paved the way for the improvement of cable infrastructure. Alongside this innovation is the fact that proper cable installation is of utmost importance. 

No matter how much improvement there is, if improper cable infrastructure is done, then your cables and other connectors will not last long. There are quite a number of factors you need to know that can affect the network’s functionality and overall performance. If left unaddressed, it can lead to something more serious which may create an impact to your business. 

Therefore, it is important for you to understand that aside from choosing the best products, you also need to make certain they are protected. 

So, here’s why cable protection is very important. 

Damage from Pets and Rats. 

When cables are not protected outside they are prone to creature attacks, such as bugs and rodents. They may chomp through the cables and wires to check if they are potential nesting grounds or just out of sheer curiosity. Small animals like rats or our pets with long and sharp front teeth can cause great damage to cables that are unprotected. Not to mention, damaged cables can cause network disconnections, broken lines, and worst explosions and fires. 

Safety and Well-being. 

This is the major contributing factor. It is crucial to protect your cables especially at warehouse and factory facilities to prevent possible accidents and/or injuries to your staff. Not only that, you also need to protect your cables from harmful chemicals, water-damage, and electrical short circuits that may lead to explosions and fires. 


When cables are unprotected, they are vulnerable to various external elements, such as harsh weather conditions, exposure to rain, snow, and sun. if there is extensive exposure to these, your cables are at risk of dents, tears and splits, holes, premature aging, and damaged circuits. All of these can also lead to cable malfunction as well as broken devices which are, for sure, too pricey to replace. 

Cost-effective and Systematic.

Unprotected cables may cause equipment to malfunction, and you know what this means — massive additional costs. Therefore, it is important to secure your cables with proper protection to spare yourself from costs that could have been prevented beforehand. 

Organized and Comfort. 

Protecting your cables will give the people that work alongside the cable infrastructure with comfort and ease. Knowing that there will be no possible risk and harm while performing some needed cable installation, application, and/or maintenance. Unprotected cables may result to unorganized and tangled wiring and this may lead to stress and problems at work. Therefore, it is imperative to take charge in protecting wires and cables for comfort and organization. 

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Other Important Factors:


Whilst innovative technologies, such as cat 7 bulk cables, fibre optics, and other relevant materials have given consumers and industries the opportunity to enjoy and take advantage of ultimate high-speed broadband, such a system isn’t immune to possible problems that may arise. 

These issues can cause downtime periods, which can be costly considering when it comes to productivity and may lead to financial drop. 

Protection for possible power surges

One of the major concerns for IT personnel is power surges since this may potentially damage desktops, servers, IT devices, and other network equipment. This may cause loss of functionality and downtime which can be costly. 

Therefore, surge protection is vital, especially for networks functioning in certain areas where power surges are rampant. 

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How to Protect Your Ethernet Cables?

In order your Ethernet cables to last long and free from possible damage, follow these steps on how to protect your cables. 

  • Ensure that the connector box of your Ethernet cables is weather resistant. By doing so, it will most likely minimize the possibility of cable damage, especially during bad weather. The cover plate must be replaced with an external platting and the outer edges must be covered with silicon. This will make your connector box more weatherproof. 
  • When buying cables, opt for waterproof ones. These cables are highly likely to withstand damages and power surges during bad weather. Most of Ethernet cables are waterproof, however some aren’t. So, make sure to install water-resistant coating on your cables. 
  • Sudden power surges and lightning are things we don’t have any control with. Therefore, when buying, opt for Ethernet cables that can handle a 6 kilovolts of power surges. 
  • If cables are exposed to harsh weather conditions or small animal attacks, select Ethernet cables with jacketing that is polyethylene. This type of cable performs well in both hot and cold weather conditions. It can also handle temperatures down to — 40 degrees. 
  • As much as possible, avoid buying Ethernet cables that are made with PVC piping minus a UV coating. These are non-resistant to harmful UV rays, hence it won’t do good with your cables especially if they are exposed in direct sunlight.  
  • Make sure to hold your Ethernet cables with appropriate cable straps. To protect your cables from direct sunlight and water sources, make use of cable straps to attach it away. On either side of the cable, you can start drilling two holes, then lock in the cable strap. This will make your entire cable infrastructure secure and safe. 


Cable protection in general is not something to be taken lightly, it is one of the most vital aspects when installing your cable network system. That being said, understanding the importance of protecting your cables will put you, your staff, and your overall equipment safe from possible high risk. It will also spare you from future additional costs. 

These are just some of the important reasons why cable protection is a must. As you can see, it does not only protect the cables, but the entire system as well as the people working on the same plane with those cables. This guarantees a safer and more secure leisure and working environment. It also helps improve efficiency and innovation.