Collect: Vladimir Guerrero Sr. Topps Living Set

I bought the Topps Living Set Vladimir Guerrero Sr. today straight out of the Topps flash emails that I get.

Overall, I am pretty selecting when it comes to buying these Living Set cards and kind of need a certain criteria since it’s going to end up a massive ongoing set for collectors to ever make a run at. It’s a brilliant idea by Topps in that aspect.

Typically, it needs to be a guy that is one of my personal favorites; and I have to feel like he’s entrenched with a team or within his place within the game if he’s a current player.

In this case – Guerrero being in an Expos uniform really sealed it for me. I loved him in the mid 90’s in Montreal. Furthermore, he’s the guy who gave one of my current favorite players their ‘stock’.

Guerrero Sr. becomes my first legends purchase of this set. This will be part of my next submission. Hoping for a 10 from PSA but even if not, it is a card I will feel happy to own.