Yankees: What Gio Urshela is Doing Doesn’t Make Complete Sense

Gio Urshela collected six hits and his 18th homer of the year in the Yankees double-header today.

Furthermore, it was a 461-foot bomb at Yankee Stadium that left the park at 111.4 MPH; the guy is absolutely on fire. While looking at his career stats, you realize this was completely out of nowhere.

If you’re wondering what the Hell is going on with Urshela – Fangraphs broke it down a bit recently. I have to be honest – as unlikely as this seems – when I watch Urshela it seems truly legitimate. Like, I think he has staying power for a couple years here or at least into the foreseeable future as a dangerous offensive force for opposing teams to contend with.

Once seen as nothing more than a journeyman utility player, he’s 27 years of age; and plays in a ballpark that is tailored for a re-tooled swing like his. Add in the juiced ball factor and all that fun stuff, and you have a guy who is probably worth keeping on fantasy teams in leagues that offer that for 2020. I know I am probably going to.

There have been runs of players before when players got hot and had a month or two. We made posts about them, and things dissipated from there. We will reference back to this post, we’re confident we see at least a short-term star in the making for the New York Yankees in Urshela.

Teams simply don’t have an answer for him right now. And who would have thought entering the 2019 season that a guy like this would out-homer Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton. Baseball is one funny game.