Braves: Ronald Acuna is Proving to be a Real One

Ronald Acuña Jr. just closed out a huge week that was. Right now, he’s landed at 33 home runs and 28 stolen bases. I mean, just look at what the fucking guy did on the stat sheet over the last several games.

This is nothing short of incredible.

Furthermore, Acuña Jr. and Mike Soroka are the talk of all of baseball right now.

We have definitely not been writing about Ronny Sauce enough on this blog for all that he’s accomplishing. Truly, the guy has been beyond as-advertised in his Sophomore campaign. He looks like a guy who loves to get his numbers and do it because he loves winning. He’s flashy, exciting, and simply fills the stat sheet on most nights.

And so, here’s his 32nd bomb of the season; one that was the period on the end of a victory in Miami for the Braves today.

The sky is the limit for Acuña Jr., and he’s going to make this a close call for a 40-40 season; one of the most illustrious stat=prizes in the sport. Finally, he’s probably finishing top-three in the NL in the MVP vote when it comes around in November.