Bauer-Puig-Reyes Blockbuster 3-Team Trade

Perhaps the premiere trade of the 2019 season went down on Tuesday night, and it involved three teams.

Trevor Bauer heads to the Cincinnati Reds, Yasiel Puig and Framil Reyes head to the Cleveland Indians, and the San Diego Padres get Taylor Trammell; a phenomenal outfield prospect. The real Kenny Rosenthal had the skinny on twitter.

The Brawl

Oddly, in Cincinnati there was some odd occurrences following the trade. First, Puig was still in uniform to have a brawl in his last appearance as a Red.

Moreover, here’s the full brawl; where Amir Garrett admirably attempts to fight the entire Pittsburgh Pirates dugout.


The thing is with trades – you just can’t judge them the night of – or even the year of. Over the course of time, the full story will play out as with anything else in life. It’s exciting for the Indians, as they add two power bats to a roster that probably has enough pitching to compete in a postseason series. The Padres add a great young talent in Trammell as a future centerpiece.

Where the trade makes the least sense is in Cincinnati; where they gave up one of their best young prospects for a little bit of Bauer. Bauer is talented and a potential horse, however he has baggage. For me, this trade makes little sense for Cincinnati.

Time will tell, and we will go back years later and revisit this one.