NBA Superman is pressing when it comes to gender-questioning

Responding to Fox Sports, midfielder Dwight Howard looked disgruntled when many fans thought he was gay.

Dwight Howard was once one of the top stars of the NBA and has now earned more than $213 million in salary in his career. However, his career hours are becoming dark after allegations that he is gay.

Howard’s gender was the subject of a commotion in the online community when Masin Elije – a transgender woman – accused Howard of being gay. Specifically, Elije claimed to have had time to love Howard before transgender.

Fox Sports quoted Howard as saying: “I am not gay. Many people have to find ways to hide their sex because they have problems. Because of life, they have to escape with truth and wear a mask every day, but I’m not the same person, I don’t need to wear a mask”.

Back in time on the days on November 2018, a person named Masin Elije sued Howard. Elije affirmed that between her and Howard, there was a sexual relationship. Masin Elije accused Dwight Howard of going to court for forcing her to sign a secret agreement regarding the relationship between them. Elije said she refused to do so and was threatened by Howard through his phone, text messages and emails. It is worth mentioning here that Elije is a transgender person with a female appearance.

Sharing about the start of their relationship, Elije shocked with the disclosure: “I met Howard from the show Wild N Out. We exchanged for the first time with eyes, and then he texted me through a social network”. After that, Elije received ice cubes online because the accused deliberately used Howard’s image to be famous. On Howard’s side, of course, he denied the rumors and accusations completely, and he charged against Masin Elije.

But mental trauma was on Howard’s mind, and he recently explained his situation in a television interview. “I was distraught because I did not know who Masin Elije was. Why a person I had never met, had never contacted, created a story about me being gay?”, Howard said.

Howard joined the NBA tournament in 2014 after being picked up by Orlando Magic in the first round. The 2.11 meters high striker is highly regarded, but the career was not as successful as expected due to factors outside the basketball floor. However, at NBA betting pages, Howard is highly rated. In addition, for sports betting pages or even in NFL Betting PA, fans have to devote all their support to Howard.

After parting with Magic and Howard through a series of teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, the Houston Rockets, the Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Hornets, the Washington Wizards, Howard did not win the NBA title yet. After only one year of dedication to Wizards, Howard parted with the capital team to wear the Memphis Grizzlies. For Howard’s service, the Grizzlies have to leave CJ Miles to Washington in the opposite direction.

To date, Howard has played more than 1,000 matches in the NBA, scoring 18,114 points. The 33-year-old striker is lining up 14 of the enormous rebounds in history with 13,184 phases. At NBA Slam Dunk Contest 2008, Dwight Howard won the championship title and made his “Superman” brand.