Your Saturday Baseball Post

It’s a mid-July summer Saturday, and this is what people refer to when they talk about the ‘dog days’ during baseball season. There’s a national heat wave ongoing, and while it’s good to get outside and sweat a little bit; it’s not safe to do it for very long.

I got all my yardwork done last night so I can be a lazy bum if need be. The Yankees are blowing out the Rockies on MLB Network as I do this post (the Yankees have been on MLB Network a TON lately). As always, a full schedule of baseball on the slate.

They’re comparing Cody Bellinger – only one hit in his last three games – to Junior Griffey and Bonds.

I’ve re-kindled my love for MLB The Show just a little bit, so I might player that later after I get in from a night out. Other than that, the slate today is very heavy in the evening. Still, you can’t beat a baseball summer Saturday. This is Diamond Hoggers, and in honor of that we always put the flag at half mass.

Your 80’s song of the week that should be played on a ballpark loudspeaker nearest you is by Richard Marx.

Go and enjoy your Saturday. Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers.