Vladdy Jr. Finally Hits in Motown

[Box Score]

Vlad Guerrero Jr. finally got it going a little bit, getting three hits in Motown and the Blue Jays blew out the Tigers – who have arguably the most hittable pitching staff in baseball to feast on.

I saw Vlad single off the third baseman’s glove, and then I saw this double to left field. This was probably his best swing of the night. The other two hits – though they go down as something in the box score – really weren’t great pieces of hitting. Still, you hope something little like this gets Vladito going. At least, if you’re me; and you have sunk some cash into collecting the guy like you own stock in him, you hope that is the case.

This is definitely not a great piece of hitting. But they all count. Looking at how off balance Guerrero Jr. is on this swing, well I have seen this entirely too much out of him for a guy who reportedly has such great plate discipline. Now, MLB At-Bat app gave an update that this was like his father; hitting a bad ball for a base hit. And I suppose in some senses it was. But I don’t remember Vlad Sr. ever looking this off balance or sloppy in a plate appearance.

Tomorrow night, Vlad Jr. takes aim at Daniel Norris. Currently his average sits at .245, with not much tendency to rise based on exit velocity off the bat.

But we have to crawl before we can walk, and walk before we run.

Marcus Stroman threw a nice game in this one and Eric Soogard for God’s sake had three hits in this one.