Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Gives Fans Greatest Home Run Derby of All-Time

The Toronto Blue Jays have never had a player win the Home Run Derby, and still they do not. However, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. put on an absolute show on this July 8th night in Cleveland.

As the announcers of the contest said – and for the first time Chris Berman wasn’t in the group – it was down right ‘Judgian’ in the way that he got it done. It’s impossible to capture all the content out there regarding what Vladito did, but we try here.

Pete Alonso of the Mets takes home the trophy, but Vlad Jr. put himself on the map tonight and earned the respect of every eye in the game of baseball.

The Tweets

Vlad Rides Into Derby Sunset

All in all, that was the most impressive derby I have ever seen. The guy hit 91 home runs. Definitely on the lookout for his Topps Now tomorrow.

And special thanks to Joc Pederson of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Without Pederson, you don’t get what was possibly the best round of the derby of all-time.