Back to Los Angeles

Tomorrow, I’ll wake up and be on a plane and in Los Angeles. I’m meeting with my crew from Dodgers Nation. I couldn’t be more excited. When I last left the big city, I didn’t know if I would ever be back.

I started writing for Dodgers Nation this past January. It’s been a great experience. One that will lead me all the way to the left field pavilion tomorrow night; a place I’ve always wanted to say I sat in, for an ‘All-You-Can-Eat’ Dodger Dog night. And I get to meet the entire team of guys.

And again, Los Angeles is the most exciting city in the world. There’s just nothing like it; even outside of the baseball realm. Every day you wake up and things just feel like they’re full of action. The sun is bright, vibrant, and it makes you want to get up and explore the world a little bit.

So much has gone down out in Hollywood, it’s incredible. To say the Dodgers are the whole thing that makes Los Angeles so special would be exaggerating. They’re merely the epicenter for me.

So I’ll document my trip again each day as best I can. I think I’m going to three or four ballgames. I have been so busy being a dad of two in diapers and writing for Dodgers Nation that these will be my first games of 2018. I’m merely a long plane ride away from Tinseltown.

It’s going to be great.