Buxton Checks In

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[Star Tribune – Twins Beat]

I keep telling anyone who will listen that Byron Buxton is going to be a star. It doesn’t look that way right now with him hitting .160, striking out way too much, and with just two hits since he returned from injury.

On Sunday, Buxton did get a hit. And then he stole second base, his fifth in five attempts this season. He later scored the Twins first run of the game. The Twins pulled it out late on a Logan Morrison hit off the wall in right.

I really like the Twins. They’re scrappy, and they’re going to be in the race in the AL Central. They have played nowhere close to their best baseball yet. And Buxton is something I point to on this.

If Paul Molitor continues to stick with Buxton and shows patience, talent will win out. He won’t be hitting ninth in the order down the stretch. Buxton will prove to be a lynchpin for the Minnesota offense, and they’ll get Miguel Sano back.

It’s hard to root against the upstart Twinkies in a great little baseball town like Minneapolis. We will continue to observe and note when Buxton does some notable stuff. Day by day, he’s going to start proving his worth. I firmly believe that.