Your Opening Day 2018 Post

Until the Reds and Nationals rained out a day before it happened, this was going to be the first Opening Day in 50 years where every team was in play. Still, this has the feel of one of the best Opening Day’s ever and although I say it every year: I feel like the 2018 season will in some ways be the greatest ever. I’ve never been more excited for a baseball season. There’s absolutely nothing like the feeling of waking up well, today; and taking it all in. Then there’s Good Friday and the whole weekend to keep watching games.

It’s like Christmas Day for a baseball fan. This should be soaked in and enjoyed. Don’t you dare think about working. Get your permission slipped signed, work from home, do something so you can see the games. Life’s too short man. Your bills will always be there, and life will go on if you let yourself take in some baseball this March 29th. Thank goodness they didn’t drag out spring training another week. I’m ready to get going. I’m ready for the counting stats, the losing bets, the disappointment, the drama. Bring it all on and once my grass starts to grow and I have a decent yard again it’s going to be the greatest damn summer ever.

With this season brings new hope. Maybe the Dodgers can avenge game seven. Maybe they won’t. Maybe the Reds will surprise some people. They probably won’t. Maybe we’ll see some stuff we’ve never seen done on a baseball field before. That will happen – it does each and every year.

We’ll be here to document it all. Or as much as we can with a wife, a dog, and two kids. And a yard that isn’t growing worth a shit at the current moment. It’s going to be glorious. And all of you are my friends, and I salute you for loving the greatest game on earth. If you’re reading these words, this is your day. Rejoice, we’ve made it.