Andrew McCutchen is a San Francisco Giant

At the end of the day, one of the greatest Pittsburgh Pirates ever was worth minor leaguers Kyle Crick, Brian Reynolds and a little bit of cash. The Pirates traded Andrew McCutchen to the San Francisco Giants on Monday, ending a terrific nine-year career for McCutchen in Pittsburgh.

McCutchen has been a guy who we’ve enjoyed through a lot of runs. He won the MVP in 2013, which was sandwiched in between two third-place finishes in that vote in 2012 and 2014.

Cutch leaves the Pirates with 203 home runs, 171 steals, and a .291/.379/.489 slash line. That came with being a plus defender for a lot of that time as a centerfielder.

It’s going to be tough to root for the guy at all now that he’s a Giant. A lot of people will want to say that between this move and the Evan Longoria addition in San Francisco, they’re not that far off. We still view them as a .500 team.

The Pirates also dealt Gerrit Cole to the Astros a few days before their franchise player.