Baseball in 2018 begins in March and is on a Thursday! Yes!

Finally a change to the game we can get behind. There are some fans grumbling that it’s much easier to take off a Monday. But MLB has the right idea here – you start the weekend on Wednesday night. You skip work on Thursday, March 29th. You skip work on Friday, March 30th.

By that point you’ve had two full days of baseball-watching in your system. *Then* you get all day Saturday and Sunday. Baseball is allowing there to be a true Opening Weekend in 2018. And it’s going to glorious. Below, if you click the link in the tweet, you can see the finalized times for any day on the slate.

Below are the first two days of the baseball season. It’s too good to be true. Rob Manfred could never come up with anything this good, could he?

March can’t get here soon enough. I feel like I’ll never live that long.