Alex Bregman is a little bastard

Alex Bregman is going to end up being wildly successful at baseball, it looks like. He took Chris Sale deep a couple of times to open the playoffs, then had the biggest swing of the night for the Astros in game one of the World Series.

After some slight struggles to start the season in which he had little to no power, he’s morphed into a hybrid between Ian Kinsler and Brian Dozier. He might have presented early on as Dustin Pedroia 2.0, but he’s got more jump off the bat then Pedroia.

But Alex Bregman; is a little dickwad.

I’m a firm believer that guys in the spotlight really should stay hushed about their political views. No matter which way they lean – and it’s always easy enough to just guess on most guys based on where they’re from or their ethnic background – you just wish guys would keep quiet and let you enjoy sports. That of course, never happens.

I noticed during the election that of all the baseball players I follow on twitter, Bregman was absolutely far and away; the most outspoken in his hatred of Donald Trump and his love for Hillary Clinton (are you fucking kidding me?). I can understand one’s disdain for Trump. I cannot understand someone just getting behind ol’ Grandma Clinton, the biggest fraud that politics has ever seen.

So at that moment, we decided Bregman was a kid with some tremendous ability who doesn’t have a clue how the true world functions.

He also seems like a brash guy who doesn’t give two shits about his fans that will someday pay his multi-million dollar salary.

So Alex Bregman and his clueless views about US Politics can fuck right off, right now. For all the guys in the Houston core we love that probably don’t like Trump and voted Hillary, he’s the only guy we took notice of in his over the top hate. He’s the only Houston guy we really dislike. And he’s a real pain in the ass, homering off Clayton Kershaw and other aces in huge games. He’s going to be one of those guys that are fun to hate over the next decade-plus.

Alex “Hillary Rodham” Bregman.