Yasiel Puig and his Voodoo Children of Los Angeles did not come all this way to simply Quit

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Too many boring headlines. Too many boring recaps. It’s time I speak from the heart.

When I first read the news that Corey Seager had been removed from the Dodgers playoff roster due to injury, I was ready to pack it in on the team that I thought held destiny in it’s hands for the entire 2017 season. I was ready to quit. I thought that this was the death blow. I could barely speak. I couldn’t write anything on the very pages of this blog.

When Albert Almora hit a two-run homer off Clayton Kershaw to go up 2-0, I was questioning everything in life. The Dodgers were finished. The Dodgers didn’t even show up. The Dodgers were not destined for the very destiny that I had them pegged for. The Dodgers were missing their Derek Jeter, and now they were ready to play out the string and go home once again and the defending World Champions were going back to the World Series.

I got sad. I got angry. I got up and left the house and dared something to change. Then the little score notification went off on my phone.

‘Yasiel Puig doubles, Dodgers score’.

There was life. The Dodgers weren’t going to get shutout by Jose Quintana, like I had figured. They tied it with a sacrifice fly from Charlie Culberson a batter later, 2-2. No matter what, they hadn’t quit. Yasiel Puig; the guy they’ve wanted a divorce from a half dozen times, had helped them crawl out of the grave and rescued them from the dead. No matter what happens from this point forward; I love the damn guy. I absolutely love him.

Chris Taylor would answer just a short time later with a home run for the 3-2 lead that the Dodgers wouldn’t relinquish. And then the crazy Cuban bastard who just might end up defining a season added the exclamation point of game one. The death knell.

I fell asleep from there. I could rest easily. It had been a long, emotional day. Yasiel Puig has the Dodgers up 1-0 in this series that the Dodgers will play without their best player. And just maybe and somehow; they’re going to pull this thing off.

The Dodgers are showing a ton of heart and that maybe they are baseball’s best team by not simply packing up and folding when I figured that they could not go on. Yasiel Puig is too crazy to quit.