Your Saturday Baseball Post

Is there really only two weeks left in the glorious baseball regular season starting tomorrow? We had to look at the schedule to actually confirm, and sadly; that is the truth.

Fall is a great season, but we always really start to get somber about the baseball season ending. Winter gets long. Summer and the heat are only a distant memory now. This has been an incredible season in terms of showing us new and interesting things. Baseball remains; the greatest game on earth and we put the flag at half mass each Saturday to salute it on this blog.

Today’s song that should be played on a stadium loudspeaker nearest you is by Supertramp. It’s not from the 80’s, but it’s damn close. From 1979, it’s Goodbye Stranger. It’s a good song to be played on a ballpark loudspeaker after a close but dramatic loss by the home team.

You are permitted to watch a little college football today but not too much; you must still catch a few innings of baseball if you’re a die hard. It’s code of conduct.

Enjoy your Saturday. Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers.