Giancarlo Stanton has 49 Home Runs

It seems like he’s been homering every day for over a month. Giancarlo Stanton hit homers 48 and 49 in Miami on Friday night to kick of Player’s Weekend.

With several days left to go in August and all of September, one must start to wonder what total he’s going to end up with.

This is without a doubt, one of the most incredible power runs I’ve ever seen since following the sport. This is back to the days of McGwire and Sosa and all the like. Giancarlo has figured something out in a big way, and it’s completely dominating.

Whether he is a career Marlin or ends up being dealt in the offseason, no one will ever forget the Giancarlo Stanton of 2017; regardless of what happens from here. He is the home run king of the present, and it’s not even close. Absolutely dominating run by the big man. This will be the season that stands out on the back of his baseball card.