Lookie at what the Mets did to poor Asdrubal Cabrera and Travis d’Arnaud Tonight

Just when you think you’ve seen it all. You have not.

Infielders Wilmer Flores and José Reyes were both scratched for today’s game against the Yankees due to strained rib cage muscles. That left the Mets to play catcher Travis d’Arnaud at third for the first time in his career—but seemingly not with very much confidence in him, as they did everything possible to avoid him having to actually touch the ball. Namely, they swapped him out with Asdrubal Cabrera at second base just about every time they thought a ball had a chance of heading to third (i.e., every righty.)

This is, officially the ugliest box score that I have ever seen. I cannot believe that the Mets put their players and their fans spectating the game through this charade. Except that I can believe it.

The Mets are an abomination of a franchise in every way.