Giancarlo Stanton and one of baseball’s greatest modern day Power Tears

It’s gotta go up on the blog, Giancarlo Stanton; in the midst of the sale of the franchise he’s the standard-bearer for, and in the midst of pundits saying the Marlins should trade him; he’s put up the most impressive power surge that I’ve seen in 30 years of watching the sport.

He didn’t homer today, but he hit 11 in his previous 12 games prior to today. He’s up to 44 on the season.

He’s broken the Marlins franchise record for home runs in a season and now there’s talk about him breaking Roger Maris’ 61 before the season ends.

I’ll admit – I’ve seen some tears. I’ve never seen a guy this locked in. He’s hitting so many moonshot home runs I can’t even begin to post them every time he does it.

Somebody, somewhere is going to make a Hell of a highlight reel on YouTube when the season ends of all these tape measure jobs. And I hope that the Marlins do the right thing and just retain the guy. I’ll be in the minority. But if you can’t build around this guy, you truly can’t build around anyone. You might as well just fold up shop.