5 Things Pregnant Women Should Eat

We must at all times consume a healthy diet, but this becomes even more important when a woman is pregnant as she does not have to take care of only her health but her baby’s health as well.

For the baby develop and grow healthy, a mother-to-be should eat foods which are rich in nutrients such as carbohydrates, calcium, vitamins etc.

There’s a vast difference in the diet plan of a normal woman and the one who is expecting. The diet plan of a pregnant woman should include folic acid, iron protein to promote health and a smooth delivery.

Here are 5 things pregnant women should eat:


  • Foods Rich In Protein


The amino acids in protein serve as building blocks for the baby’s body and are especially good for the development of the brain and heart of the baby.

To maintain a good amount of protein, pregnant women should intake at least 60gms of protein per day. There are many foods that contain protein in a good amount such as skim milk, eggs, cooked meat, hard cheese, yogurt and beans etc. Women can also try products such as Ostarine by Olympus Labs to continue to gain protein and other such nutrients.


  • Foods Rich In Carbohydrate


Like protein, carbohydrates are also important for pregnant women. Not simple carbohydrates but the complex ones that are found in specific vegetables and grains. They are rich in fibre and provides a good amount of energy.

Fibre is very important for pregnant women because it helps in maintaining a smooth bowel movement and avoids constipation. Foods made from white sugar and white flour such as cakes and white bread should be avoided as they contain simple carbohydrates that are not nutritionally healthy and also promotes body fattening. Instead, pregnant women should go for rice, potato and corn etc.


  • Foods And Beverages Rich In Calcium


Pregnant women should consume calcium from foods, supplements and milk because it strengthens the teeth and bones of the baby. Åbout 1200 mg of calcium is the recommended amount for pregnant women to take every day so that their baby and themselves too, can have a stronger bone structure and it also helps to prevent various bone diseases in babies.

Milk, green vegetables, yogurt, cheese and fish are rich in calcium and are recommended foods for women to eat during pregnancy.


  • Iron


A baby requires a good amount of oxygen in the mother’s womb to survive. Hemoglobin is a component of blood that is responsible to carry oxygen through the bloodstream and give to the baby.

Doctors recommend that pregnant women should intake twice as much iron as they normally do. They can have supplements which are rich in iron or eat iron containing foods such as red meat, dried fruits, vegetables, beans and pasta etc.


  • Folic Acid


One of the most essential things that is overlooked during pregnancy is folic acid. This is a B vitamin that prevents the baby from getting born with birth defects  such as neural tube defects, related to brain and spine.

The recommended amount of folic acid for pregnant women to intake is 0.4 mg per day which can be taken in the form of supplements prescribed by a doctor.