All is well on a Wednesday Night in Anaheim

[Box Score]

Well, it’s August. With two months to go, if the Angels are going to make some type of pseudo-run at a wildcard berth, it’s got to happen right now. They have to turn the corner and string together a winning streak.

They won last night 7-1, and then against tonight 7-0 with J.C. Ramirez tossing eight shutout innings against the lowly Philadelphia Phillies.

Now, we are down to the final two in an MLB survivor contest that I’m in for all the marbles. I elected to go with Anaheim this week; knowing full well that my opponent would reach for the Pirates, the perceived safer pick. The Reds have done the job beating them twice in two nights. The Angels are now at 2-0 for me, needing to just go 1-3 the remainder of the week for a .500 or better week to advance me, or win the entire thing. The Pirates must win 3 of 4. If they split, this thing is over.

The best player of our generation did his part by hitting his 20th home run of the season; and that’s part of the reason I took the Angels this week. I knew Trout was due to do some Trout things. This one comes against the team he grew up watching.

The Angels sit at 53-55, and it’s time to get moving.