Dodgers pull a Sunday Night Baseball Miracle like all their other Miracles

[Dodgers 3, Giants 2 (11)]

Man, you just can’t bet against the Dodgers. Ever.

Last night I bit on Madison Bumgarner and the +140 Giants. It’s probably the first time this year I’ve went against the Dodgers. It was too much value to pass up.

The Dodgers trailed two different times by a run with just three outs to go and rallied both times to tie the game. Corey Seager had three more hits. He absolutely ate the Giants alive in this series to the tune of eight hits, two homers, and three doubles.

The Dodgers got a walk-off hit from some no-namer making his MLB debut to win in 11. This happened after I was asleep so I failed to get the post up.

The Dodgers tied it at 1-1 after Yasiel Puig singled up the middle in the ninth. Hyun-Jin Ryu was about as incredible as I’ve ever seen him look; matching Madison Bumgarner stride for stride.

tldr; The Dodgers are not to be messed with this season. There’s just something REALLY magical going down at that stadium this season. More than maybe ever before.