Your Saturday Baseball Post

It’s a Saturday, and arguably the most beautiful day of 2017 here where I sit. And I sit indoors and ready to take care of my kids all day long so my wife can have a day out. That said, we always put the flag pole at half mass and honor the sport of baseball on the best day of the week with this post.

This song is by a one hit wonder called ‘General Public’. It’s Tenderness, from 1984. This song will forever remind me of being in Los Angeles and listening to 93.1 JACK FM, which is easily the greatest rock station on American airwaves. It’s like if Los Santos Rock Radio from GTA V met real life. It is the true perfect soundtrack to the craziness of the city of LA. It only serves to add to your happiness while you’re there.

So be blessed on your Saturday. Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers.