Aaron Judge wins a Home Run Derby for the Ages

I am trying to explain what I saw tonight. How in the world could we have bet against Aaron Judge? How could anyone have bet against Judge in a home run hitting contest? The guy looks like he could own the event for the rest of his career.

Judge made it look easy in winning the derby over a tired Miguel Sano. He got past Justin Bour and his 22 first round homers. Then next up was Cody Bellinger who couldn’t hold off the monster. Finally, Sano got outblasted, easily; 11-10 in the finals.

Watching Judge hit tonight was fun. He was the one guy who seemed to spray the entire park. He went upper deck to the opposite field a few times. He hit it out to center. He hit it in the bushes in center. He hit it in the stands in center. He hit a few into the windows in left. He hit a few into the bullpen. He hit the tin of the Fish structure in left center a few times. The guy didn’t discriminate.

A few guys were boring to watch hit. Aaron Judge mixed in five 500-foot shots. It was sad to see it come to an end.

The best thing about the guy is he seems so unassuming. So approachable. A little bit more of a personality than a Mike Trout – albeit not a lot. But he’s a likable kid. He’s got the most incredible power I’ve ever seen. The Yankees are lucky to have the guy. The sport of baseball is lucky to have him. Tonight was a good night for the game of baseball.

All Rise.