Homer Bailey’s Return to the Big Leagues went awful

Yesterday afternoon – Homer Bailey made his unlikely (second) return to pitching in the Major Leagues. It went about how you would expect it to. The Reds lost 18-3, and Bailey allow eight earned runs.

Today on my Facebook timeline, the local fans of the Reds who know nothing are chastising the Reds for hanging onto Bailey through everything while letting franchise cornerstones like Johnny Cueto, Todd Frazier, and Aroldis Chapman leave town. They’re of course un-informed, let’s just choose to ignore that. They don’t realize why the Reds kept Bailey and not the aforementioned players. But who is to rock the boat of the uninformed.

We knew the Bull Ride was most likely over in 2015 when he got hurt badly. It was nice just to see his name in a box score yesterday. We knew he wouldn’t win. We knew he wouldn’t last long. We just hope he can somehow pull that sun back up in the sky one more time with a Reds cap on. If he does, we’ll write about it.