Types of Baseball Bets

The baseball season is perfect for betting. The MLB starts in a period when most other sports finish and players go on their summer holidays. This is good news for punters around the world since late spring and summer are difficult periods to find games to bet on.

However, for many betting enthusiasts it is still problematic to understand the concept of baseball and betting on it. How to bet on baseball, has long been a topic discussed among punters, and in this article we will try to explain the different types of baseball bets out there.

Money Lines

This is the easiest bet to understand. As in all other sports, players in baseball play the game to be winners and if you bet money lines then you are betting on which team is going to be the winner of the match.

Most of the games in MLB and baseball in general feature a clear favourite and an underdog, even though sometimes teams are evenly matched and the odds are similar for both home and away victories.

In the MLB for example, the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox would be considered as strong favourites in any match and the odds for them winning the match would be smaller than for underdogs such as the Oakland Athletics or the Detroit Tigers.

Over / Under

For every baseball match being played bookmakers can roughly predict  how many runs will be scored by both teams. Punters can then bet on whether the actual runs scored in the game will be ‘Over’ or ‘Under’ the limit set by the bookmaker.

For betting enthusiasts who are new to the game of baseball a good rule of thumb for picking an Over / Under game is comparing how good the starting pitchers are and how good the offenses are.

Good pitchers and bad offenses equal a tight game with low number of runs. Bad pitchers and a lot of offensive play on the other hand, indicates a game with lots of runs being scored.

This is actually the principle which bookies use when they decide on which limit to set for the game. Be a better baseball bookie by going through each team’s stats, but also be a better baseball punter by doing the same thing and beating the bookie.

Run Lines and Point Spreads

When punters bet on Run Lines they actually bet on which team is going to win the match with a set point spread of either -1.5 or +1.5. Point Spreads is a variation of Run Lines but instead of just 1.5 or +1.5, you are given spreads of 2.5 and 3.5.

These spreads mean that the odds given to each team will change slightly or significantly depending on the spread given. This is quite handy for those punters who don’t like to bet their houses on strong favourites with low odds in order to get a proper payout. With the point spread option you can bet much smaller amounts of money and still get decent winnings at the end.