My Trip down to the Hood (Boyz n the Hood House)

So, my entire life; I’ve wanted to make the trip down to the Boyz N’ The Hood house in Los Angeles. I woke up early yesterday morning, and I took the rental car down to a crazy area of town. I went to what I consider; deep into the ghetto. It was a little scary, but more exciting. And I can cross another bucket list item off my list.

Now, I didn’t have the stones to fully stop my car and get out like I wanted to. It wasn’t sunny like I pictured it. I didn’t get a picture of Ricky and Doughboy’s house across the street. And this pic is poorly done. But I was there.

You can see just before I arrive where I wanted to get, the famous Crenshaw intersection. Coincidentally, my wife got off the exit today in Inglewood and took a leak at the McDonalds in Crenshaw because she had to.

Here’s Chesterfield Square, which is widely considered one of the roughest areas of Los Angeles. I just wanted to get the Hell out of Dodge by this point in time.

I’m still really glad I did this. And from now on when I watch that classic movie, I can say I’ve been there.