We made it to Los Angeles

Wow, I can’t believe we’re here. We woke up at 3:30 AM in Ohio; and after six hours of travel we made it to the West Coast. It seems surreal just my first few hours here. I know this is a baseball blog, but I’m going to put some non baseball shit on here this week. Just because; it’s that damn cool and it’s pop culture enough stuff.

Click through the jump for some of the pictures from my first afternoon in Los Angeles.

The In-N-Out Burger is the best burger I have EVER had. Gotta love how they put these hot ass peppers on the side of everything out here.

California! Fresh Lemon tree outside of our room, and you can just pick the fruit. You’ll see all kinds of citrus fruit out here that you can just pick: peaches, grapefruit, lemons, oranges. What a place.

When we set foot out out on journey; look closely, it wasn’t hard to figure out where we were headed. This was an unexpected find, and very cool.

I know of San Vicente because O.J. Simpson talks about this street as a getaway when he describes ‘If he did it’. You encounter it intersecting legendary Bundy Drive.

These 76’s are all over the place out here, and a sponsor of the Dodgers. They’re also all over the place in GTA V: Los Santos. And as i told my wife, I rob them on the game constantly. They look true to life.

Here is our start down legendary Bundy Drive, to the site of the most famous murder scene in American history. All the flowers that line the sidewalks are just insane.

Here it is, we arrived to see it in the flesh. It’s now 879 Bundy, whereas when the murders were committed it had not been renovated and it was 875 Bundy.

879 Bundy, which has been viewed by so many tourists through the years. This murder happened almost 23 years ago today.

A final look at where it went down with O.J., Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman on that fateful night.

Here is the eerie gate where the killer (OJ) escaped down the back alley.

A far off shot from the gate he walked up the steps and back out the alley from.

This was Nicole Simpson’s bathroom window I believe, it’s opened today by the current resident.

This Peet’s Coffee used to be the famous Mezzaluna Restaurant that Ron Goldman worked at. We were a stones throw away from Ron Goldman’s final residence too; at 11750 San Vicente Boulevard (we might even have passed it on our walk).

Here’s the walk we completed while we were waiting to check into our hotel, The Brentwood. Which is awesome.

On our day of arrival; the Dodgers lost in Milwaukee, the Red Sox and Chris Sale won in Baltimore which was cool because I was wearing a Mookie Betts t-shirt jersey on our walk and some woman said ‘hey your team won, I just finished watching them’, and the Reds went down hard in Cincinnati to the Braves.

We are going to Santa Monica Pier tonight, so that should be a real thrill. It was awesome driving on the 405 today and just experiencing California for the first time. More pictures and tales to come.