A Look at the Biggest International Baseball Upsets

Upsets are a wonderful part of the game of international baseball, and make for extra exhilaration. Take a look at the upsets that shocked sports fans!

The Biggest Upsets in the History of International Baseball


  • March 10th 2009: Netherlands vs. Dominican Republic


There is no way that the 2 – 1 victory the Netherlands managed over the Dominican Republic can be overestimated. The latter was a team loaded with all-stars from the MLB, including Tejada, and the Dutch had not 1 player on the roster to match the skill of these great sportsmen, but they battled their way admirably to a not-so-embarrassing defeat regardless.


  • 2004 Quarterfinal at the Olympic Baseball Qualification: Mexico vs. USA


This game served to have the American team eliminated from competing in the 2004 Summer Olympics, with the Mexicans overpowering them with a final score of 2 – 1.


  • 1924 World Series: Washington Senators vs. New York Giants


The Senators defeated the Giants in a total of 4 games to 3. The Giants managed to clobber Big Train –Walter Johnson – in 2 starts, with the Senators losing both the games in which he started. They went on to win 3 of the four he did not, however, forcing a wonderful 7th game into extra innings.


  • 2000 Summer Olympics Gold Medal Game: USA vs. Cuba


The American team, in a match very similar to the one undergone by David and Goliath, with Cuba being the representative for the latter, beat the Cubans with a whopping score of 4 to 0. Tommy Lasorda, the Manager, sent Ben Sheets to the mound when the game began.


  • 1973 NLCS: New York Mets vs. Cincinnati Reds


The New York Mets defeated the Reds 3 games to 2. In the 3rd game, Pete Rose managed to take out Bud Harrelson, shortstop for the Mets, in order to break up a double-play. Rose, however, slid so far out of the path of the base that Harrelson punched him in the stomach, and this resulted in the worst brawl in the history of postseason baseball.

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  • 2003 World Series: Florida Marlins vs. New York Yankees


In the World Series of 2003, the Marlins managed to defeat the Yankees with 4 games to 2. Despite the fact that the Marlins’ payroll was a mere fraction of that enjoyed by the Yankees, they managed to stun the Bombers from the Bronx in 6 games, with these culminating in a 2-hit complete game shutout by Josh Beckett at Yankee Stadium.


  • 2006 ALDS: Detroit Tigers vs. the New York Yankees


Most baseball analysts agreed that the Yankees/Tigers ALDS match-up was a joke, and after the 1st game they seemed to be correct. However, Verlander, Rogers and Bonderman managed to frustrate the Yankees hitters in the next 3 games, and thus earned their place on the list of most shocking upsets.


  • 1996 World Series: Baltimore Orioles vs. LA Dodgers


The Orioles stunned the Dodgers in 4 games. Crafty pitchers McNally and Palmer totally out pitched the Dodger rotation, and the team from LA managed to score only 2 runs in that entire series, with the Orioles emerging with a total score of 4 games to 0.


  • 1969 World Series: NY Mets vs. Baltimore Orioles


Thanks to Tom Seaver and Jerry Koosman, the Mets managed a win of 4 – 1 against the Orioles in 1969, exceeding all expectations.


  • 1988 World Series: LA Dodgers vs. Oakland Athletics


The Dodgers managed to take Game 1, thanks to an injured Kirk Gibson hobbling out of the clubhouse in order to slam a winning 2-run homerun at the bottom of the 9th in order to give the Dodgers a 5-4 advantage.