My ‘Should I go see Mike Trout in Anaheim’ Conundrum Solved Itself

A week from yesterday, my plane touches down in LAX at 9:30 Los Angeles time. The Angels play that day at 12:30. We were considering the drive to Orange County so I could see Mike Trout play live and in the flesh, in his natural habitat. I couldn’t decide if I wanted the stress of that after renting a car, and hauling all of our bags over there to go sit in the sun before we checked in our hotel.

But Mike Trout has proven himself worth it; our hustle and bustle of the first day we arrive in L.A. just to see him one time at his home park in the prime of his career:

All that probably solved itself yesterday. Mike Trout got hurt, and will probably land on the DL for the first time in his career. Welcome to my life.

We’ll keep you all posted. If he’s in the lineup this coming Sunday – we just might go for it.

UPDATE: I can forget it. Trout has a torn UCL and is headed to the DL. My luck sucks. What a loss for all baseball fans. I will never see Mike Trout play in Anaheim. Corey Seager, be careful this week.