Wednesday’s Betting on Baseball

The Astros have their ace Lance McCullers going on Wednesday in Miami.

Something dawned on us tonight as we were knocking our heads against the wall, using the -195 Chicago Cubs with 20 MPH winds at Wrigley trying to turn a Tuesday profit (it worked, it wasn’t fun).

It’s a simple premise: the Houston Astros are insanely good. The Houston Astros are going to win about 100 games this season. They’re strong in every facet of the game, and they can win a ballgame any style that you want to try and fight them in.

So why not just start laying money on the Astros every night and let the chips fall where they may? There will be nights when you want to utilize the run line of -1.5 and other nights where you just pay up that the Astros secure a win; but at this point the Houston Astros have proven they’re the gold standard. And we haven’t been on the money train at all, damnit! If they’ve peaked a little bit too early and this backfires, so be it.

We have watched a lot of damn baseball this season. We have wagered on a ton of bases. We’ve won a lot of units. But it’s time to add the Astros to the repertoire.

Tomorrow, they finish up a three-game series down in Miami with their 1b ace on the hill, Lance McCullers. We like McCullers’ stuff a lot better than Dallas Keuchel, who improved to a sparkling 7-0 tonight down in South Beach with a 12-2 drubbing of the hapless Marlins.

Right now they’re a -161 favorite and who really gives a damn? Pay up and see what happens. If they lose, double down the next night. They’re not going to sustain a lot of losing streaks. If you have a bankroll built, you’ll make money on this team.

Houston now sits at 28-12 at the 40 games in mark. And just look at their damn lineup! The scary part is, no one has really been white-hot yet. Not a single hitter is over .300, with several just resting comfortably around that .280 or .290 mark.

The thing about the Astros that really seems to benefit them is they get a lot out of role players and reserves. Guys like Nori Aoki, Josh Reddick, Marwin Gonzalez, Jake Marisnick, and their two catchers give them a wealth of versatility.

Their starting rotation doesn’t have a ton of holes in it, but this is an area where they can figure to add a guy to become about the perfect team. And speaking of their versatility, you look in their bullpen to see Giles, Harris, Feliz, Gregerson, James Hoyt and our personal favorite; Chris Devenski.

The Astros have our endorsement in your future baseball betting endeavors until they don’t. We’ll let you know when that time comes.

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